Honor Roll Academy

Our curriculum

We offer children an opportunity to grow and bloom.

The curriculum we offer aims at the development of their language and literacy skills, reasoning and mathematical thinking, social studies, scientific skills, creative process, and problem-solving.

Every activity covers not just one, but many of the domains listed. Our children learn how to be creative and scientific thinkers.


Honor Roll Academy

Arts and Crafts

We understand the importance of doing arts and crafts for a child’s development for fine and gross motor skills.

Not to mention the benefits for the brain when the children exercise their creativity while working on projects. For those reasons, we have weekly arts and crafts singular moments for the children. They draw, paint, sculpt and use recycled materials for art projects.

Children practice working with groups and presenting their final work to the class in a fun and engaging way.

Honor Roll Academy


Through the knowledge of an instrument, a child can learn so many valuable lessons. 

The process of learning a new skill is beneficial for a child because it gives them a sense of progression. Patience is another important skill children acquire while playing instruments.

We teach kids how to play the flute using melodies they are familiar with and that will please them. Our music lessons are fun and always on point. Your child’s fine motor skills development and maybe future hobby (or profession) will begin here!

Honor Roll Academy

Sports & Movement

We could not stress enough how sports and movement are key in a child’s development.

Throughout every developmental milestone, there is a new boundary to break, and that’s what we work with. Our engaging sports classes respect each child’s process, but with a common goal in mind.

We make sure to push but also reward children even for the smallest victories. Movement is always fun, but with discipline and a set goal, it turns into learning!